Transforming Your Client Retention, Referrals & Word Of Mouth Opportunities By “Activating Extraordinary Moments” Throughout Your Business

We believe that impact driven coaches and consultants deserve to keep their clients for longer, get endless flows of referrals and standout in being #1 in their market by activating extraordinary moments throughout their business.

Moments that have people sharing positive stories about them because they deliver more “wow I didn’t expect that to happen experiences” within their business.

Moments that evoke positive emotions and accelerate the deep emotional bonds you create – In turn creating loyalty, trust and hundreds of walking, talking, ranting, raving ambassadors for your business.

It doesn’t take time to build relationships, but instead… It’s the moments that people remember when you made them feel a particular way!


Most organisations I speak to believe that it’s their marketing that isn’t working, that they aren’t getting new clients because they haven’t mastered FB ads or SEO or Google Pay Per Click or Networking Events or Referrals or …

The list goes on

They believe that a marketing person or a specialist in one area is the answer, to only find out that’s it’s another wasted $15,000, $20,000, $50,000 to have a quick hit, but still end up in the same position a year later.

Most organisations know that growing their business shouldn’t be as hard, as what it seems. That there must be this secret formula!

And… there is…

But it has nothing to do with your marketing, the tactics you are using, your service offering or your systems.

The so called secret, that all successful businesses use to grow their business, is by activating the limbic effect in everyone else around them.

They stand out, they strive to be more remarkable than everyone else, they make prospects, clients, team members, everyone around them feel a particular way and in return their business grows like never before.

We call it the Limbic Advantage through “Activating Extraordinary Moments’ throughout your business.


There are 9 key questions that will help transform your client loyalty, referrals and word of mouth opportunities.

  • How strategic are you at influencing other people’s behaviour and have them resonating with you faster than ever before?
  • How clearly do you share the ‘why stories’ of your business to emotionally connect to your prospects, clients and networks in a way that they are inspired by you?
  • Do you intentionally create dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin in other people that accelerates deep loyal connection and relationships?
  • How effective and efficient are you at attracting new qualified prospects into your business?
  • How robust is your process in warming up prospects and making them feel bonded to you?
  • How powerful is your first 30 days of a new client process , to ensure they say to themselves ‘this was the best decision I’ve ever made’?
  • How engaging are you at demonstrating to your clients how much you really care about them and their lives?
  • How strategic are you at ensuring every process within your business evokes positive emotions in others?
  • How intentional are you at creating a movement with your clients, which in turn creates greater contribution throughout society?


We do this through 3 key areas:

  1. Helping you be the #1 In your market by being truly magical.
  2. Helping you be inspirational with your thinking, strategy and experiences throughout their business.
  3. Helping you accelerate the relationships and therefore client retention and referrals, by creating deep emotional bonds, profound loyalty and overwhelming trust with everyone around them.