Helping Service Based Businesses To Build A Million Dollar Referral System Into Their Business

We believe that getting referrals should not be any where near as hard as what most businesses make it. We believe that getting new clients should be easy and we believe that your business should STAND OUT above all others in your market place.


Most organisations I speak to believe that it’s their marketing that isn’t working, that they aren’t getting new clients because they haven’t mastered FB ads or SEO or Google Pay Per Click or Networking Events or …

The list goes on

They believe that a marketing person or a specialist in one area is the answer, to only find out that’s it’s another wasted $15,000, $20,000, $50,000 to have a quick hit, but still end up in the same position a year later.

Most organisations know that growing their business shouldn’t be as hard, as what it seems. That there must be this secret formula!

And… there is…

But it has nothing to do with your marketing, the tactics you are using, your service offering or your systems.

The so called secret, that all successful businesses use to grow their business, is what we call ‘Human Marketing’.

They understand the power of strategic partners, of using their networks everyday, of doing cross promotions and filling their pipeline through other people’s audiences.

They understand that human marketing is all about planting the seeds and being a farmer rather than pushy sales, chasing the next thing and destroying the crops.

When you combine the power of human marketing with our unique limbic brain way of doing business you can do nothing BUT grow and become more profitable.


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